Frequently Asked Questions

For Reservation 
What if I am currently living oversea ?  Can I still reserve an apartment before my arrival to Taipei
  •  Yes, please Contact us to check if the apartment is still available for you. 
Is there any other fee in addition to the rent?
  • All rent prices listed on my website are all inclusive of utilities, gas, cabled TV, wifi internet access, management due, electricity (with allowance*), and all other fees.  For energy saving, we give our tenants certain allowance for using the electricity freely without paying extra costs. The daily allowance on electricity usage depends on room size.  It should be sufficient for normal usage with air-conditioner on. In case the total electricity usage go exceeded, there will be a surcharge NT$5 per each additional kWh pay when check out.  To prevent usage going high, we recommend guests always turn off A/Cs and lights when leave apartments.

What is the procedure of renting an apartment?
  • Please Contact Us for apartment availability and inquire on reservation policies. Once confirmed, you may submit an online Reservation Request Form. Tenant must pre-pay a deposit total NT$10,000 for each unit to secure a booking.  
How much deposit is required during tenancy period? How should the rent be paid?
  • The deposit for secure your booking is NT$10,000 per each unit. The full amount of rent will be paid by Taiwanese dollar cash or wire transfer at the time tenants move in .  For deposit payment, we accept PayPal,  T/T,  or Domestic ATM transfer.
What is PayPal? I have never heard of it. Is it safe?
  • PayPal is a safe and convenient form of international money transfer methods. Registration with PayPal is easy and free. PayPal offers buyer and seller protection plans. We will recommend our guests pay deposit via PayPal. There are just few simple steps for complete the account approval process. No credit check required. For more information, please visit
Do you accept credit card?
  • We can only accept Taiwanese dollar cash or wire transfers as the payment method for rent. However you may pay the rent or deposit with your credit card through PayPal.  A verification must be done before you can start paying the money with credit card.  It is easy to get it done with simple steps! Normally takes about 2-3 days for new registered members.
Do you accept US dollars or other form of currency bills?
  • For rent, we only take Taiwanese dollar. Banks located at Taoyuang International Airport's arrival terminal open 24 hours & 7days a week throughout the year. There are also branches of international banks (CitiBank, HSBC, etc) nearby our apartments. If you need assistance in locating a bank, please contact us.
When and how can I get my deposit back?
  • Deposit will be refunded at check out after the property is being returned in original conditions without any damage or breakage on furniture, appliance, decorations, and facilities. We can refund deposit to you by either cash or by PayPal. If you would like to be refunded by PayPal, please specify it when you made payment.

Before Arrival 

Who should I contact with when I arrive on my move in day?
  • We will have a representative meet you in the apartment on your move in day to help you with all the check-in process, sign the leasing contract, and answer your questions. 
Is pet and smoking allowed?
  • No smoking and no pets are allowed in the apartment. A fine of NT$3,000 will be charged at check-out if guests violate the policy.
What if I cancel my trip in the last minute?
  • Deposit is non-refundable if guest cancel the reservation for any reason or no-show.  Once a booking is made and deposit is received, we cannot not accept shorten days. Change of rental schedule can be made based on apartment availability.  If your schedule is not fully confirmed, we sugges you book only your confirmed dates then extend your leasing schedule.
What happen If I suddenly decide to leave early.
  • The rents are non-refundable once tenants move in. Therefore we are unable to refund you the money even if you decide to depart earlier. 
What are other restrictions?
  • Gambles, drugs and all other activities violate the Law of Taiwan are strictly prohibited in the apartment for any reason.
  • Some apartments and studio cannot accept children under age of 5 due to safety concerns. Please contact us if you are bringing small children under age of 5.
What are other restrictions?
  • Gambles, drugs and all other activities violate the Law of Taiwan are strictly prohibited in the apartment for any reason.
  • Some apartments and studio cannot accept children under age of 5 due to safety concerns. Please contact us if you are bringing small children under age of 5.
Money Exchange
  • Toayuan International Airport:  Banks open 24 hours throughout the year.  Bank of Taiwan and Mega International Commercial Bank are the two largest bank in Taiwan offer the most convenient foreign currency exchange service. Both have branches available in both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. No over-charge exchange rates beside a NT$100 per transaction bank processing fee.
  • Banks In General:  Banks in Taipei City generally open from Monday to Friday 9:00am in the morning until 3:00pm.  All banks are closed during weekend. Exchange rate varies by banks.
Mobile Phone Service
During Your Stay
What should I expect in the room?
  • Please check the amenities lists
Is house keeping included?
  • Housekeeping service during your stay is not included in the rent but can be arranged with additional fees. We can arrange professional maid to clean the room or send you clean bedding linen set(s). The service can be booked after guests check in
How much does it cost for house keeping?
  • Housekeeping:  NT$500 per hour (minimum hours of housekeeping hiring: Studio room: 1hr;  1 Bedroom: 1.5hr;  2 Bedroom:  2 hrs;  3 Bedroom: 3hrs)
  • Bedding Changes:  NT$300 per set
Do you provide flat iron and iron board?
  • Flat irons and iron board can be rented for a one time rental charge of NT$200 per set
Can I cook in the unit?
  • Yes, all unit has a kitchen. Some larger property has dining table or breakfast bar. We provide pots and pans , cooking utensils, and table wares 
Can I wash laundry in the room?
  • Each unit has at least 1 washer. We provide laundry detergent. Most of the apartment has washer and cloth dryer. The studio apartments has no dryer.
What if I have other special needs?
  • Feel free to contact us if you have any special requirements or any inquiry. We will be happy to help you and make sure you have a satisfied and comfortable stay.
Can I extend my stay?
  • Tenant can extend the stay at any time as long as rooms are available.